The Change In Attitude To Beauty

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty” How does this line from this quote stand today?

I know that I’m only 25, a 90’s child but WOW how make-up and beauty has changed! Routines have become a must, ok not for all women but for the younger generation it’s a whole new world. But has it changed for the better?

Beauty has always been a major thing for women and for me, I’m obsessed. I have draws full of products and make-up and that’s where all my money ends up.


A magpie is how I would describe myself, along with a million other women. We see shiny new products and need them.

 As I work within the beauty industry as a spa therapist, I have worked with a lot of products and I am constantly learning. We are there to look after your skin and show people what is out there. I love when a client comes in and will ask questions and want to look after their skin. To this day we still get clients who come in for a treatment, maybe bought as a present or they just want to relax and they put their foot down and only use soap and water and hey I don’t argue or try to change what they do, but is soap and water and good for your skin? Women had used only soap and water for years, apart from it being drying and I do think unless you have oily skin it is ageing…… but will your skin fall off? No! So if that’s what you are happy to use, stick with it.

(Two of the main products used at work and on my skin)

Names of products are a big deal and being young and having the best seems to be the way forward. But do girls of the age 13 – 16 really have to be using all these big names? Looking back at my school days, make-up firstly was not allowed! Even though you would try and get away with a bit of foundation and mascara, Boots or Superdrug own, only the cheap stuff. At the age of 16 in 2007 only then did it start becoming a fad and that’s when I discovered brands whether it was cosmetics or skin care like Dior, Elemis or even No7 was known as being expensive. Beauty was just something I kind of fell into, people always complemented me on the use of products and the interest I had for them, I fully enjoyed my 3 years studying and have been working in the beauty industry for 7 and a ½ years.

It does scare me that beauty has become more then just applying a bit of make-up, it’s now all about contouring, drawing lips on to look like a celeb that has probably had fillers. So basically changing your face to be well, not you…… I do find it hard to take in that girls are not happy with their looks and want to look so grown up. What happened to being young and leaving your skin to breathe? I myself can not talk now I buy lots of products and yes I even wanted fillers. Again us women not being happy with what they’re born with. I have tried a few products to change my lips and like my boyfriend said do you want to look like a duck? He has a point. A lot of men don’t find over made up girls that attractive. You only have to take it all off and the guy to be like wow you look different.


( Me trying out yet another product, hey it does work but god it stings)

As much as I want to see girls being girls, not clogging their skin up with make-up and enjoying being young without trying to grow up too soon. Its not going to happen. I know its a different world now, the beauty industry is becoming and in many ways already is a massive part of our lives. Maybe one day we will be content in our own skin.
Much love (first blog please be nice)